The Role of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

The role of a school based SLP is to provide support to school-age children with communication disorders that adversely affect children’s educational performance. 
An SLP works with children with a variety of communication disabilities:

                                        *Difficult with vocabulary, concepts or grammar  
                                 *Poor building blocks of understanding/expressing ideas, 
                                        social development, learning, reading, and writing
                  VoiceVoice quality and pitch
                                             *Too loud or too soft
                                       *Harsh, hoarse, breathy, or nasal
                                              *monotonous in pitch 
                  Fluency (stuttering)- 
                                         *unsteady flow or rhythm
                                          *hesitations, repetitions, or prolongations 
                                           *in sounds, syllables, words, or phrases
                                    *Substitution of one sound for another ("dat" for "cat")  
                                          *Omitting a sound in a word (cool for school) 
                                                 *Distorting a sound